3 trap face fastigium of to apply for a job the current situation says bravely "
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  • Annual 56 month, be worth the fastigium of to apply for a job of graduate of this year's college, come for years cold window mug, arrived to be able to show him ability eventually when, in the sea of faces that a person's mind of whole body of their all without exception throws to apply for a job. However, wait for an element as a result of saturation of demand of market of college enlarge action, share, undergraduate obtain employment already notted allow hopeful, and trap of multifarious invite applications for a job is nowhere is absent more. For this, the reporter interviewed a few this year's graduateses, the trap of invite applications for a job that they encounter in process of to apply for a job really many.

    Trap one: High post is alluring
    The reporter is interviewing the graduate Xiaoxue of institute of Beijing youth politics to be the same as class hour, she to reporter narrate the experience that him to apply for a job is decieved. A day, xiaoxue receives XX the phone of insurance company, be informed actually she already was admitted to be by this company " reserve handler " . Xiaoxue is in excited unavoidable feel puzzled, are oneself never cast to this company had sent resume? How can they know their phone? But Xiaoxue or excitedly ground come this company, can have gone just knowing, it is this company Cong Mou so
    In the public data on website of invite applications for a job " choose " medium oneself. And so called the position that is admitted beforehand " reserve handler " was changed " commissioner of conduct financial transactions " . After grooming through, small Xue Cai knows, so this company draws on him even if become insurance clerk. The major of small Xue Suoxue is " the network edits " , do not have any relations with insurance, and the Xiaoxue of not good at the way one speaks or what he says was become by business manager boast actually " the suits to make assurance most graduate that he has seen, making assurance will be lifelong regret " . Make a person find both funny and annoying really.

    Say according to Xiaoxue, her classmate also encounters this kind of situation many. Before before long, the name is " XX dress " the company sends announcement of invite applications for a job to the school, assistant of sale of invite applications for a job a certain number of names, a lot of classmates went, the result enrols a clerk namely, the job is sale dress...

    As we have learned, at present clerk of invite applications for a job of a lot of companies is the data to this year's graduates of collect of website of each invite applications for a job, try with high post alluring. To such " try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be " intrigue of invite applications for a job, graduate must vigilant, be clear about oneself actual strength, make from the foundation, show oneself talent gradually, not credulous high post is alluring.

    Trap 2: Cheat groom cost

    Groom in order to admit as bait diddle cost already was common occurance, but still heart of graduate to apply for a job is cut, drop this kind of trap.
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