To apply for a job is careful to encounter " decorticate law " legerdemain
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  • Double cease day holds two or more posts concurrently " manager assistant " , day firewood can amount to 50 yuan. Have such good work really? 2 days, duty of reporter in an attempt to person the HH employment agency that the capacity will come to be located in Nanchang city Yang Minglu (intermediary of HH of the following abbreviation) apply for, open " high pay sincere hire " the inside story of a plot of backside.

    2 days 11 when, the reporter applies for manager assistant with the identity of undergraduate of strong finish school one duty. This intermediary claims to answer the staff member of eldest sister expresses, this job a day of salary is 50 yuan, basically be double cease day holds two or more posts concurrently, position is manager assistant.

    "You should pay 25 yuan intermediary fee first, if succeeded to collect fees additionally again, do not succeed not to collect fees. " just talked before long, should eldest sister to reporter collection 25 yuan intermediary cost. Subsequently, she brought one each to say to interview comes before the person that is company staff. This staff member tells a reporter, company name calls XY formal service center, the position of manager assistant is vacant now, everyday salary 50 yuan, salary that day settle accounts. Because just graduate,the reporter expresses to do not have Id, the other side says to want to be able to prove the identity only can, say the reporter accords with manager assistant completely the condition of one duty, the company is willing to receive.

    State in that company staff the reporter accords with a condition when, should eldest sister to reporter collection 150 yuan (3 days of salary) " successful cost " . Later, she gave a piece of favourable card again, it is OK to say to want to hold this piece of card only apply for a job in HH intermediary annual avoid intermediary cost, and the price of this piece of card is 20 yuan.

    The reporter heads for XY subsequently formal service center, did not think of because the reporter does not have Id,this center controller expresses however, cannot admit so. 3 days, the reporter comes to HH intermediary, state to its the job does not have a success, ask its return collection " successful cost " . The staff member of this intermediary does not withdraw fund however, say " the company had promised to go to work, succeeded namely " .

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